1. Machine Tool Service

        Our Services

        Keeping machines running since 1994

        Preventive Maintenance

        Let MTS create, schedule, and track a tailored maintenance program for one, or every machine tool in your facility.?From daily check lists to annual inspections, we will work with your management to develop a maintenance program that meets your unique production needs.

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        On-site Machine Tool Repair

        With years of experience diagnosing and repairing all types of machine tools, you can trust your repair to our specialists.? Our repair services include: emergency repairs, troubleshooting/diagnosing and scheduled/planned repairs

        Level & Alignments

        Precision leveling and alignment is vital to producing quality parts.?Our technician will assess your machine’s needs make necessary corrections or recommendations.

        What Our Clients are Saying

        Dont just take our word

        Dave Kochel

        West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

        Thank you for the quick response time and accurate diagnoses provided by the team at Machine Tool Service. Prior to partnering with MTS, we had difficulty finding a service vendor who was responsive to our needs and who was able to provide the type of reliable and cost-effective solutions we’ve now come to expect from MTS. Your service and applications contacts within major machine tool providers have streamlined the process of getting our machines back on line. It’s a pleasure to work with a provider where “service” isn’t just part of your name, it’s your mindset.

        Bob Rossney

        R.J. Machine Company, Inc.

        To fellow Shop Owners and Plant Managers, I would like to share with you our long relationship with Machine Tool Service. I first met Tom Smith when he was an installer for Mazak in 1992. When I purchased my 2nd of 4 Mazak Machines, Tom installed our V-414. From the outset Tom had an interest and concern that everything was not just to Mazak’s standards, but to Tom’s standards. When Tom started his own business in 1994 he was our ‘Go To’ guy for all of our machine maintenance.

        Tom’s ability to diagnose machine issues is nothing short of amazing. Several times the problem was diagnosed over the phone and replacement parts were ordered and either Tom or his son Andrew would install the part and get our machine back on line. Machine Tool Service is the best in the business, and I highly recommend them for all your machine repair needs!

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